Thursday, March 14, 2013

Everyone dances in Uganda. That's my kind of country. Check it:

While cleaning house in preparation for the home visit I found a paper I had written on Ugandan dance: a critique on a book written by an anthropologist in the 60s. I wasn't too impressed apparently.

Home study complete. Whew. Five hours being interviewed over tea. Over two days. Low key. Basically telling our autobiographies and why we're doing what we're doing.

What's next? Send next pile of paperwork to US Citizenship and Immigration Services to 'be found eligible to adopt'. This takes 3-4 months. !!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

There are six families in Uganda now meeting with the judges and/or visiting with their child. Two cases have recently been held up at the U.S. Embassy in Uganda. No further information at this point but the director of my program is traveling there at the end of March to figure out what why.

Ugh. They warned us there will be lots of ups and downs. Sometimes this is all moving so fast and then suddenly a delay seems excruciatingly painful.

Good news:
   Mom (grandma) is starting to knit baby blankets!

    I'm spending my spring break improving the house for inspection. We spent yesterday putting up fencing to keep the baby from crawling down to the river by himself. (And it keeps the dogs from chasing the new lambs next door at the neighbor's...)