Sunday, April 28, 2013

Phase 3: $9200 due this weekend. Getting exhausted. Wondering if we'll actually have a child at the end of all the paperwork. Spirits low.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Eric's finishing up a series of paintings this weekend and will be ready to start painting any new orders, so FEEL FREE TO ORDER A PAINTING OF YOUR BEST FRIEND.  : )

Thank you to everyone out there. We've gotten such a great response from friends and family, both emotional and financial support. We've raised $6000 of a potential $25-35,000. We're able to save several hundred each month between the two of us, and I certainly threw my $3000 tax refund at it. We are very warmed to know all the people we know are a part of this in some way. This may actually work and we may get to have a beautiful baby.

our baby blue turned 3 months without us 
(he's pissed, and flipping us off)