Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We'll miss you Lizzy.

The dossier (collection of stuff about us) is in the mail via FedEx to Uganda. Just have to wire some cash now.

I can't wait to tell my credit union to wire $5000 to Africa. And fast. To get a child. Yeah right. Sucker.
We have an attorney! $5000, plus $2000 for a private investigator fee. Love it. I'm sure it's all legit....right?...

I believe the PI looks into the child's family history, makes certain there are no lingering relatives that wish to have the child. Really to confirm orphan status. There have been problems in the past where families didn't realize that International Adoption meant the child would be moving to another country.

Next step: Send dossier (which is ready to go) and monies to Uganda.

Monday, June 17, 2013

WOw. That was fast. U.S. CIS approved our petition to adopt! I think that was less than 2 months. I've sent off an email to hire an attorney in Uganda and am waiting to hear back. (She was referred by my agency and works on their adoptions.)

Meanwhile, I spent the day applying for grants and low-interest loans. It would sure help if I was a little more blessed and believed in a little more God. There is that much more assistance if you know a pastor. I'm thinking I'll just eat less. It's simpler and it even saves time!